Easy and flexible static site search
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A typical use case
No network requests are made
Search a subset of the Gutenberg Collection.
130MB of text and 12917 documents
Each search takes up to 1 network request
Search a larger subset of the Gutenberg Collection.
520MB of text and 53991 documents
Each search takes up to 2 network requests

InfiSearch is a client-side search solution tailored for static sites that depends on a pre-built index generated by a command-line tool.

Blazing fast.

Powered by WebAssembly and Webworkers, InfiSearch blazes through searches on tens of thousands of documents.
Index downloads are persistently cached without the hassle of service worker setup, so users never download the same data twice.

Scale your Client Side Search to the Next Level

A monolithic index is built by default to reduce network latency, but you also have the option of splitting up the index so users retrieve only what's necessary, greatly improving client-side search scalability.

Relevant and Powerful Search

Dealing with thousands of documents requires a search solution that returns what users want quickly and accurately.

InfiSearch adopts industry-standard scoring schemes and layers its own strategy of proximity ranking on top so that results are contextual. Boolean operators, phrase searches, facet filters are also available for users to refine searches.


InfiSearch is a CLI tool that can be run on any static site and/or static site generators. Other file formats such as JSON, PDF, CSVs are also available to support more custom data requirements.


The 2 latter demos above showcase InfiSearch's performance on much larger collections, courtesy of the Gutenberg project. The collection is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.